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The Scottish FA, through the Football Development Department, has launched an online Grassroots survey which is aimed at discovering just how attractive the attractive game is to all participants across Scotland.

The survey is designed to capture the opinions of participants in all areas of football – from players young and old to referees, volunteers and coaches.

Six surveys are being launched in total, each targeted at a different group participating in grassroots football: club volunteers; coaches; parents; referees; both current and lapsed adult players; and young players.

Each of the surveys asks the same core questions but has additional questions tailored to the target audience, such as coaching qualifications or refereeing experience.

The data gathered in the survey will be used to help celebrate and accentuate the positives that emerge, while also identifying areas of concern within the game in order that they can be addressed.

The Scottish FA is committed to acting on the information gathered through the Grassroots Survey and will publish the results of the survey in autumn later this year.

The survey link for referees is provided through the Referee Extranet. The link will be visible at the bottom of the screen when the site is accessed.

Referees are encouraged to take part in the survey. The more responses there are the better. Taking part in the survey is an ideal opportunity for the voice of referees to be heard.

The survey is now available on the Extranet to be completed.

Please use this opportunity, there will be a prompt message each time you sign in to the Extranet as a reminder.

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