SFAR Lanarkshire


Ladies and Gents


If you have paid your  Membership fee  this reminder does not apply to you.

30th June 2018 is the deadline for paying fees for Season 2018/19, therefore if you have not paid by this date you will no longer be Registered as a member of SFAR Lanarkshire and unable to receive any appointments.

The renewal fee for Adults is now £55.00(includes late payment levy) and £11.00(includes late payment levy) for school age members.

Payable by Cheque, Money Order or Cash to the Treasurer.

Cheques, Money Orders are to be made payable to SFAR Lanarkshire.

Once the deadline has passed to be readmitted you will have to pay outstanding monies, resit Referee Exam and do a Basic Disclosure Check at your own expense and have the approval of the Management Committee.

The SFA Referee Department will be informed and relevant SFA affiliated leagues of Non registered Referees.

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