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A career in refereeing provides a great opportunity to be involved in football at a variety of different levels, from grass routes,  to amateur, to senior and women’s football.  All referees require expert knowledge of the Laws of the Game and the first stage to this is the Introductory Referees course.
The Introductory Referees course involves classroom sessions where you will learn the Laws of the Game and the practical elements associated with its application.  At the end the course, you will move onto an course exam, which each new entrant is required to pass before moving on to the next step.  Following the successful completion of the course exam, you will then officiate a match under the guidance of an experienced referee.  
Details and dates for the next new entrants course have still to be arranged for the coming season.  The course normally runs on a Monday night for a period of 8-10 weeks.
If you are interested in becoming a referee or would like more information on the Introductory Referees course, then please fill the request form.  Those who do so will be contacted in due course regarding dates, times and venue for the classes to be run this year.
In the meantime, click on the link below to take a Laws of the Game test.
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