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Training & Fitness

Training & Fitness

Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of refereeing, at all levels of football. Formal physical training sessions take place every Tuesday Night (starting at 18:30) during the season at Dalziel Park – generally from the beginning of July through to the end of May, under the guidance and instruction of Jim Hardie, the Association’s physical training instructor.

To find out about more about physical training, contact Jim Hardie, or the Association Manager, George Drummond.


Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test

Essentially the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test is a way to measure your ability to perform repeated interval runs over a prolonged period of time.

The difference between this test and the classic bleep test is that instead of running continuously back and forward over the allotted distance, you get a brief pause between each set of shuttles – giving it the name ‘Yo-Yo test’.

How do you perform the Intermittent Recovery Test?

The test can be performed using simple equipment: an audio track and three markers set out at 0m, 5m and 25m, as shown:

Starting on or behind the 5m marker (B), the participant begins running 20m towards marker (C) when instructed by the audio track. Upon reaching that marker and hearing a ‘beep’, the participant turns and returns to the starting point (B) before the next ‘beep’.

After reaching (B), an ‘active recovery period’ begins where the participant has 10 seconds to walk or jog to marker (A) and set themselves back at marker (B) ready to begin the next 2x20m shuttle when instructed by the audio track.

When the participant is unable to return to marker (B) within the allocated time they receive a warning. The next time they miss this target, that’s the end of their test and a final score should be recorded.

Download the YOYO Intermittent Recovery Test MP3 File Here


Fitness Test

A fitness test, set by FIFA and overseen by the SFA, is conducted three times a year.

The test is mandatory for all senior listed officials and those refereeing in Junior Football.

The test can be taken by all registered referees and is a useful benchmark for measuring your fitness no matter what your refereeing standing. Concessions are made for older members.

The test comprises of 2 parts:

(1) Six 40 Metre Sprints to be completed in the following times.

  • 6.2 seconds for Category 1 and 2 Referees
  • 6.4 seconds for Category 3 SAR and Category 3 & 4A Referees

(2) Twenty 150 Meter Runs in 30 Seconds with the following 50 Meter Recovery Walk;

  • 35 seconds for Category 1 & 2 Referees.
  • 40 seconds for Categories 3SAR, 3, 3 Development & Category 4/4D Referees


Download the Fitness Test MP3 Files here:

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